Private Companion for Elderly


Our Services Are Available for the Affected People

Private companion for elderly and disabled, having a reliable friend on hand at all times is critical. Caring for a person with Dementia, Alzheimer's, and other issues is a huge load for everyone involved.

We understand that this is a difficult moment for both the person in need of assistance and their family. Our employees are intelligent and caring. People who like spending time with others, especially if it helps to improve the quality of life of a loved one.

Our primary purpose is to act as your elderly companion caregiver and to contribute to our clients' overall well-being.

Our Companionship Care is the Most Popular in-Home Care

private companion for elderly
private companion for elderly

The most common type of in-home care is companionship care. It offers companionship for seniors as well as personal care services such as bathing, clothing, and grooming. They are qualified and experienced professionals who will provide the best possible care for you or your loved ones.

We Provide Companions for Those Who Want to Remain Independent

companionship for seniors
companionship for seniors

We provide companions for persons who want to maintain their independence but require assistance with everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, grooming, meal preparation, and medicine reminders. Our companions can also assist with transportation to medical appointments or other errands.

What Our Companions Do?

companion for elderly private
companion for elderly private

A private companion for elderly can make a difference in your life. Our companions are kind individuals who like spending time with the elderly. Our companions assist the elderly in the following areas:

  • Conversation, mental stimulation, and games

  • Light housekeeping, including laundry and changing bed linens

  • Walking, exercising, and outings to the park or mall

  • Meal preparation and planning for special diets

  • Assistance with yard work, gardening, and in-home repairs

We Are a Unique Personal Care Provider

We are a one-of-a-kind personal care company in Vancouver. Clients are assisted with hygiene, clothing, and grooming by our caregivers. If additional support is required during the night or on weekends, a nurse may be available on call.

Our Live-in Companionship Care Involves Providing Daily Activities

Companionship is provided to seniors who require assistance with daily activities such as meal preparation or medication reminder as part of our live-in companionship care. Non-medical in-home care is also available, including housework, driving, shopping and errands, personal care and grooming, and more.

Our Caregivers Are Highly Trained

Our caregivers have completed training and are registered. They are dedicated to assisting elders in leading the best life possible. Our partners make you feel less alone, increase your self-confidence, and make you happier. Our caregivers allow you to be fully yourself.

We Help Seniors Maintain Their Independence With Transportation

We understand that seniors wish to live independently. That's why, depending on your needs, our caregivers can assist seniors preserve their freedom by providing transportation options that include both driving and rideshare services. If necessary, we may also arrange for safe transportation so that your loved one receives the finest possible care while you focus on remaining healthy.

Our Supports

elderly companionship services
elderly companionship services

A private companion for elderly can be a friend, relative, or professional caregiver that visits the home and helps with daily living activities such as:

  • Daily Living Activities

  • Bathing and dressing

  • Meal preparation

  • Eating and other similar tasks

  • Medication reminders

  • Light housework

  • Transportation assistance to medical appointments or grocery store visits

Why Choose Us

companion services for seniors
companion services for seniors
  • Our company allows our clients to choose their companionship needs.

  • We offer services with a focus on individualized care.

  • Our company provides companionship 7 days a week from at least 8 am and 8 pm daily.

  • Companionship and home helper services can be scheduled for 3 hours or more.

  • Companionship services may include friendly conversation, reading together, playing games, taking walks, watching TV and movies together, attending social events, visiting family and friends, and much more!

  • Additional services are provided by the companion such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, and incidental grocery shopping.

  • Our goal is to help the individual feel less lonely and more connected to the community.

We Are a 24/7 Senior Care Agency

senior companion care
senior companion care

Because we are a 24-hour senior care business, our Companionship Care is the best. We always give our utmost effort. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers. We make the best use of our time in order to satisfy our customers.

Our caregivers are passionate about what they do. They are engaged and prepared for their duty at all times. They've been thoroughly screened and background checked, so you can relax knowing your loved one is in good hands 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

We Recognize the Importance of Senior Care Management.

in home companion care
in home companion care

We realize that senior care is a top priority for each of our clients at Bestway Home Care. We offer our services in Vancouver, Burnaby, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver.